If you are new to Joomla 4, please read Getting Started with Joomla 4.

This tutorial is written for Joomla 4. For information on creating a template for Joomla 3, see Getting Started with Templates.

You need Joomla 4.x for this tutorial. You can find the latest stable version of Joomla 4 at downloads.joomla.org/cms(https://downloads.joomla.org/cms) or create a free website at https://launch.joomla.org.

You can check the latest version of Joomla 4 on GitHub[^github.com/joomla/joomla-cms] or download it from the Joomla developer website.

Who is this tutorial for?

At the end of this text series, there will be no finished example template. I have kept everything general. My main purpose is to show how Cassiopeia and Joomla work - and to better understand it myself in the process.

This tutorial is primarily intended for those Joomla user who are creating a new website with Joomla 4, want to customise Cassiopeia and have little experience with Joomla 4 so far.

What Cassiopeia offers

Cassiopeia offers an optimal basis to adapt your own Joomla website to your individual needs.

Cassiopeia is

  • user-friendly,
  • accessible and
  • easily customisable.

The standard template in Joomla 4 is based on the current version of the frontend framework Bootstrap 5. The module positions of the template have been renamed so that modules can now be assigned to the corresponding positions more easily and intuitively. The template is fully WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliant and thus meets the requirements for accessible web content.

The structure of this tutorial

Each chapter deals with a specific issue, sometimes with the help of the example files. In this case, please also install the blog sample files in a test environment so that we have the same conditions. To do this, click the button labelled Install next to the text Blog sample files in the dashboard.

Install blog example files

The frontend should now appear as shown in the following image.

Cassiopeia in the frontend

If you are interested in a specific topic, feel free to look at a separate chapter. With this tutorial you adapt a Joomla 4 website with Cassiopeia and Blog sample data to your needs. You do not reinvent the wheel, but customise the wheels of Joomla and Cassiopeia to your individual needs.